Are Barbour Sadie Slippers comfortable?

Who would know the comforts of slipping into a pair of slippers to feel at home better than you? We usually tend to miss out on the little details that lend to a good day. Something as regular as your slippers could get you the much needed calm. For this, women's Barbour Sadie are a definite way to make it happen. The little happiness that uplifts your mood could come form here and why not when they are all the qualities. 

The women's Barbour Sadie Slippers are perfect for those days and evening spent relaxing at home in front of the log burner. A classic style with a signature tartan trim for that added touch of Barbour styling that we all know and love. The slippers boast a warm faux fur lining to keep you cosy and are finished with a durable branded rubber outside for a wearable feel.

My boyfriend gave these to me as a Christmas present, and I have worn them every day since! They are warm, snug and comfortable to wear, as well as being well made and attractive. The composite soles mean that they can be worn also for brief trips down the garden path on dry days.

These are the best slippers I have ever owned!! You can tell right away that these slippers are high quality.