It is Monday again.

I hope you've had a lovely weekend, the weather has been absolutely beautiful here in Lincolnshire. I hope it continues.. 

I swear the weather is all us Brits ever talk about, well I especially moan about the weather all the time. If its not 20 degrees plus I'm not happy!

Oh yes I totally forgot to mention, did you all see my stories at the weekend on Instagram? James bought me a sit on lawn mower. I'm so happy, if you followed me on snapchat last year... you will know I moaned a lot on my snaps of me cutting the lawn as we have a lot of grass to cut, I used to have to use a push mower.. it was hard work. I used to take me 3 days but now I'm happy, it only takes me an hour!! 

I am sorry for rabbling on, I am just so excited about life right now! I will let you get on with your day! Have a lovely day and Stay safe!! 

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