Freshen Up For Spring with a House of Tweed Scarf

It's March, and I am rather excited for Spring!! What do you wear this time of year to transition from winter into spring. It's still cold but you need something to left your spirits, and this pretty coral and grey scarf from House of Tweed is the perfect solution. House of Tweed tassel scarf is super, super soft and just the thing for wrapping up when the temperature takes a dip.

Seriously? Besides the fact scarves can make you feel as if you're still in the comfort of your warm cozy bed, when in fact you're outside they can always make and never break an outfit, hence their instant 'I can turn any outfit into a stylish one ASAP' trait. Scarves are the one thing everyone is wearing and restoring to. From fashion ignorants to fashion lovers the scarf is around each and everyone's neck. This spring, more than ever I feel theres such a back to accessories phase in fashion that we just gotta make the best of it. 

My scarf measures 67cm wide x apron 182cm, so it's airy dream - a timeless piece of luxury. Add warmth without the weight of heavy layers and create a chic, classic look, this is sure to be a perfect addition to any season wardrobe. They are so many ways you can wear it. I like the casual feel of using it like a shawl, or just giving it a twist and throwing it around my neck to add a pretty touch of fun.

For the most versatile scarf, look no further. Not only is the scarf beautifully soft but it's combination of colours make a two in one scarf. One side of the scarf is beautiful blushing coral whilst the other boasts a flecked grey. This allows you to flip the scarf depending on what style you are feeling most of the day. There is also a beautiful tasseled trim on the scarf.

All the colours are great, the pink is a salmon pink exactly what I wanted rather than bright/barbie pink. The scarf is available in one size and eight other colours. 

I really love the design, it's simple and stunning! The fabric has a nice feel to it and I like how I feel when I wear this beautiful scarf and I receive many compliments on how beautiful the scarves are. They can make the simplicity of what you wear look very special and you feel special. 


GIFTED: A big thank you to House of Tweed for sending me this beautiful scarf to feature. 
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