Waring Brooke Personalised Monogram Pattern Headband

I don't know about you but I blooming love Instagram. It has given the opportunity to discover new brands and people I probably wouldn't of come across otherwise. One brand I have recently discover is Warning Brooke I was instantly drawn to this new brand because of their range of personalised headband and they are made in UK, and designed and inspired by english countryside.

They're not just fashion statement but compliment any uniform while keeping hair out of women's faces and eyes. You're new headband will keep you looking flawless without the day even on worst hair days. Designed to be worn over top of your hairline, half on your forehead, half on your hair. Comfortably contours to the unique shape of your head and when worn correctly, it will not slip backward, ever.

A headband can also be wore as a snood, the Waring Brooke is perhaps the most versatile headpiece you'll ever own. With the super soft merino, its cosy, comfy, breathable, light yet warm and best of all kind to sensitive skin. 

Personalised headband are available at Warning Brooke website. The personalised monogram pattern is gorgeous, your initials are made into a pattern throughout the design of the headband to make it truly unique.

The perfect accessory for anyone who spends anytime outside during the cold months, they keep your ears or neck warm and look great too.

Sometimes I feel so boring in my clothes, but when I wore this headband as a snood, I feel like it made me stand out and gave me a boost of confidence as everyone kept complimenting me. 
It's like a pop of pretty. 

 I was so excited for my headband to arrive and it arrived so quickly in the post. I absolutely love my headband, but I think I will be wearing mine more as a snood more than a headband.

GIFTED: A big thank you to Samantha Brooke at Waring Brooke for sending me this personalised headband to feature. 
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