No Time for Breakfast? Try Purition Wholefood Shake!!

Anyone for an ice cold fuelled by nature Purition Wholefood Shake!!! 

A couple of weeks ago an instagram marketing popped up and it got the better of me and I clicked on a random ad for Purition - a whole food based protein supplement. See the thing is, my relationship with food is complicated. Sometimes drinking is much easier than eating. So I've been thinking about trying a meal replacement shake. I don't get enough protein and I can't afford and don't want to eat masses of meat every day.

What is Purition

Purition create 100% natural and delicious protein fuelled shakes. Made from a combination of nuts, seeds and natural proteins that can be blended into tasty shakes in less than 30 seconds. Which is great for people with busy lifestyle and are great for breakfast or lunch. 

Purition is a meal replacement powder. The idea is you made a shake with your favourite milk and any added extras (berries or a banana) and replace one or two meals a day. I love that it is real whole foods. No weird flavourings or colours, and it means the ingredients list is easy to understand being including different nuts and seeds.

I tired the Discovery Selection Box which has a range of tasty flavours with largely similar nutrient breakdowns. I must point out that you really should use a proper blender with Purition. At least I found a reason to use my Kenwood blender instead of using just for show in the kitchen. Basically, it's mushed up food so it doesn't dissolve like other similar products which are made of synergic weird stuff. 

A Discovery Box costs £12.99, also coming with free UK delivery and is the perfect way to try out a brand without diving straight in with a large 500g bag.

What do they taste like?

I started just having one shake a day, 20g of mix, mixed with my favourite whole milk and ice but now my body has got used to high fibre. I am having two shakes a day using 20g of mix each time with the recommended 250-300ml of milk. The flavours are not particularly strong, but are not unpleasant. Coffee and walnut is my favourite. I also like cocoa and vanilla but coffee and walnut shake for breakfast is just perfect. If you're an ice coffer lover (like me). If you are living rural and you don't have a Starbucks down the road. I don't have to go to Starbucks anymore because I'd say this definitely reminded me of Starbucks settle latte. I would love to buy a full 500g bag of this in the future.

Overall, I absolutely love Purition! Finished my discovery box and I've already ordered another batch so I can try all the flavours! It's definitely been helping me to increase the protein. I've found I have more energy in the mornings. I cannot recommend this product enough. I was always uneasy about trying protein shakes but purition is all natural and has made me feel very comfortable as all their info and ingredients are easy to find, not only online but on the back of each product! The fact that I know what all the ingredients are without having to Google any has put me at ease massively! Super speedy delivery. I received my 2nd box within 24hours! I can't wait to keep purchasing!!

During the weird time we are all going through at the moment. Being in lockdown not being able to do the normal things we take for granted like going out to work each day or meeting up with friends, and more importantly your weekly shop as you will find now, most shelves are bare. How can we ensure we are living a healthy lifestyle. I may have the answer with Purition.


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